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By proadAccountId-371058 26 Oct, 2015

The best thing about Spring/Summer is the entertaining of friends around the BBQ.

I always find that when people are looking for BBQ meats they struggle and by struggle I mean what should they choose?

So the questions is, what are the best BBQ meats?

This is not really a hard question to answer, the fact is that every cut of meat is fit for it's intended purpose. When having a BBQ there is no need to buy merely because you think it's the right cut.

Some of the best meats on a BBQ are the cheaper meats, including:

Chicken Pieces, Steakettes, BBQ Steaks, Spare Ribs and of course always the favourite Sausages.

As a meat retailer we need to sell all cuts of meat we have for sale.

When purchasing BBQ meats keep this in mind... "You don't have to purchase expensive cuts of meat to have a great BBQ that everyone will enjoy" and remember this  "The only expensive meat is the meat left on your plate".

By proadAccountId-371058 22 Oct, 2015

When I said to the web design team that I would like a "Rob's Blog" page it seemed like a great idea, but the fact is for a Year 10 finishing butcher from Merriwa, conveying my thoughts into words is not an easy thing to do.

Whilst I am not exactly sure where this blog will take us, I will give you the heads up that I am a "Meat Man" who is passionate about this industry that has given me so much over the past twenty four years.

I will keep this week's blog short and sweet as I think I've done quite well just to get things started.

Next week and into the future I hope I can give you some good insights into many and varied things. I'll try to keep it informative, educational, meat focused and hopefully fun not boring!

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