Speckle Park cattle are a greatly sought after breed, highly regarded by butchers and meat graders for their consistent high quality. A pure British breed which originated in Canada in the 1950s, the Speckle Park cattle breed was originally a result of a cross breed between a Shorthorn/White Park and a pure bred Angus Bull – three of the oldest breeds in the world. From this, the signature speckled colour pattern on their coats was formed.

Speckle Park cattle are docile animals with a generally gentle disposition, a great trait when working with the cattle but also making for a more tender and tasty meat.

Speckle Park beef is renowned for its high marbling, and is a lean meat with the perfect fat covering. Merriwa Speckle Beef cattle stations offer the ideal environment for this docile cattle breed to develop. In the green pastures of Merriwa, located in the far west of the Hunter Valley, Merriwa Speckle Beef Cattle are fed on both grass and supplementary grain to build a fine, tender eating meat. What makes the Speckle Park breed of cattle so highly sought after is the consistent superior high quality. For butchers, restaurant owners and small wholesalers.

Internationally regarded
Speckle Park cattle have won a number of awards nationally and internationally, including Grand Champion Steer Tamworth 2013, Reserve Champion Carcass at the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2014, Silver Medal at the Sydney Fine Food Show 2014 and Grand Championships at the world renowned Calgary Stampede.
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